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Blog # 17 – Gaining Sponsorship And Giving Sponsorship Plus ANZAC Day

Hi blog followers,

We are definitely getting closer now, which has meant some late nights during the week after training to finalise requirements as we approach the final countdown for my 515 km 3 day endurance event of swimming, cycling and running in Ultraman Australia.

Tri Coaching NZGAINING SPONSORSHIP – In a previous blog I made mention of being in Waiouru one weekend with one of my Ultraman Australia support crew Derrick McMillan.  We were assisting ‘Off-Limits’ at a refuelling point for their motor-cross event of ‘Tussock Busters’.  Whilst there I had the opportunity to talk to Simon Reynolds about a sponsorship proposal from ‘Off-Limits’ for assistance with Ultraman Australia and possibly other future events I will undertake.  After putting a Business Case together on the advice from Simon, the Trustees have come on board to assist.  I am extremely thankful to have Off-Limits as my primary sponsor for the future.

Ultraman CoachingGIVING SPONSORSHIP – My partner was working in an area in the community to assist people, something she is very good at, doing something for others.  After a conversation she wanted to know if we would personally sponsor a teenager with the financial cost towards her drivers license testing.  The girl called ‘Riki’ wasn’t known to either of us until my partner was working within the community that day, and she took an interest in Riki.  Once we agreed to help Riki, it was completely up to her on how the drivers license testing would go.  Coming from a large family it’s an expense that we were pleased to be able to help out with.  Riki was determined to not only do us proud, but to make her family and more importantly herself proud.  The enclosed photos show Riki signing and receiving her Drivers License after achieving 100% in the testing.  I’m extremely proud of her particularly as English is not her first language.  It’s so good to see the determination of a young lady putting her best foot forward with receiving a helping hand.  Your smile says it all Riki.  Drive safe!

TRAINING – This was my last large training weekend prior to Ultraman Australia, where I met up with my partner in Taupo.  It also gave me the opportunity to spend time with my bike mechanic, Brendon Reynolds, from Huka Cycles.

On Saturday I had a 8.5 km Swim where I hit the swimming pool.  Being in Taupo I weighed up the option of swimming in the lake along the Ironman course.  The risk of picking up a cold or flu at this critical time so close to Ultraman Australia had Coach Ray outweighing that option.  So it was 340 lengths of a 25 metre swimming pool.  This was great for building mental resilience and great for practising tumble turns.  After this I had a four hour cycle so hit the Ironman Course and the Taupo Expressway.

On Sunday I had a 250 km cycle where I considered going around Lake Taupo and parts of the Ironman course, but the traffic for the long weekend was horrendous, so I played it safe and rode the Ironman Course a number of times.  This gave me a few challenging hills such as the infamous Ironman Heartbreak Hill.  I was certainly pleased to finish that days training and to put my feet up in the Army Leave Centre I was staying in.

Monday was ANZAC Day where I attended the service. I remember on ANZAC Day watching my father parade and there never appeared to be many spectators in those days.  It is such a great feeling to see so many people of all ages turning out these days, not only the Service personnel or former Service personnel wearing their medals, but seeing dependents wearing medals of their family members who have passed before them.  My training on this day was a 3 hour run where I went from Acacia Bay into Taupo and ran parts of the Ironman Marathon Course.

Take care everyone and I hope you all travelled safe from your ANZAC weekend locations back home.

Regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

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