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Jon & Kathy Spence greeted Humps on arrival in Brisbane

Hi everyone ,

Well not much sleep last night as Derrick McMillan and myself headed to work at 0100 hours to get a couple of hours in before heading to the Airport. The taxi arrived right on cue at Defence House at 0300 hours with the Security Guards wishing us well on our journey for the event. The taxi sent a small cab so the bike bag was on top of me, but excitement took over to worry about that as Derrick settled into the best passenger seat in the cab. Unfortunately we didn’t plan on the Airport being shut and once checked through we found Immigration etc was shut until 0430. Oh well, thankfully Derrick is member or Koru Club which we made the most of.

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The bike and luggage and five people all loaded into this vehicle in Brisbane (just).

Upon arrival in Brisbane a small reception was waiting for us with Kathy and Jon Spence coming out to greet us for a coffee catch up. Debs Pohatu was their to take us to ASA to get our sponsored loan vehicle, of which the director Gavin and Debs gave us two 4WD vehicles, we truly are blessed. Scott Cordwell was waiting for us at Brisbane Airport and approx 45 minutes later my Coach Ray Boardman arrived on the flight from Christchurch. Once the vehicles were handed over we headed to Caboolture  and Onward Fitness where Dave Okeby a former RNZIR Corporal runs a gym and we commenced the 22 Press-Up Challenge. After which we headed to Noosa and uplifted the keys to our apartment in Sunrise Beach, it is beautiful and allows the opportunity to relax and focus.

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The staff at ASA with Humps in front of our ‘tank’ (L to R): Jackie Te Amo, Alexis Clarke, Humps, Debs Pohatu & Gavin Torrens

Since arrival my bike has been put together by Trilogy Cycles at Noosa for free with the Bike Inspection Certificate completed (one less thing to worry about) and I have been for a short run to commence acclimatisation. Coach Ray has volunteered for kitchen duties with preparing dinner tonight. Probably the safest option with my cooking skills.

I’ll keep everyone posted as the week progresses,

Regards John Humphries (UltraHumps).

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