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Day 4 – Ultraman Australia Preparation

Tri Coaching NZ
All the UltraMan athletes at breakfast this morning. UltraHumps front right.

Hi friends and family that follow my blog.

Well this is it.  The day before Ultraman Australia commences and its Friday the 13th! I’m not suspicious so all good.

Today commenced with the pre-event Ohana breakfast at Peppers Noosa Resort and Villas where we sat with the other Kiwi Team belonging to athlete Dave Oliver, so essentially kept a “Kiwi” table to ourselves.  The spread was beautiful and we certainly partook in everything on offer.  A video clip of photos was shown of last years Ultraman Australia event being the first Ultraman for Australia.  Then the athletes were introduced.

I was really stoked to be asked to stand up in front of all the athletes, support crews and directing staff.  A special mention was made that a song was made for myself by Allan Watt called “Go Humps Go”.

After this we took the opportunity to drive the cycle course for Day 2 being 281 kms.   ‘Eyes on‘ was great to allow me to identify landmarks etc.  Then we headed down to the Surf Club to meet and greet our paddlers if they were available, as many were either at high school or work.  Unfortunately mine was unavailable, but Coach Ray obtained phone numbers etc to make sure it is all sorted for tomorrow.

Back at our accommodation we completed our #22 Press-ups challenge for another cause and then settled in for the night.  Coach Ray gave my calf muscles a sports massage and my crew is making me a nourishing dinner.  We hope to have a good nights sleep.

If able I will post over the next three nights being after each event, but if the body is saying otherwise I’ll leave it to the team to cover the PR for me.  After all: Day 1 = 10 km swim, 140 km cycle then Day 2 = 281 km cycle and Day 3 = a double marathon of 84 kms.

Thank you everyone for your messages of support I have received through various forms social media.

Regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

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