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UltraHumps: Busy Week

Hi Blog followers

Well the journey to my 3 consecutive Half Ironman events in 3 consecutive weekends in December, followed by 2 Ironman events in 2 weeks, finished off with 1 Ultraman event over 1 long weekend has commenced.

The registrations are almost complete for the events with a couple to go and I am awaiting acceptance from Ultraman Australia in August, which is a few months earlier than last year.  So I am getting really excited about the journey and physical / mental test I have placed upon myself.

The journey of having Coach Ray beside me to see me through this challenge is second to none. I feel privileged that he has faith in my ability to complete the task and all in the name of charity for the Fallen Heroes to support the children of the Fallen.  This brings me to the above photo. I like this photo as it shows Ray doing what he has a passion for – supporting his athletes which is why he founded his business ‘Qwik Kiwi Endurance Sports Consultants’.

In this photo, judging by my body language, we are approaching the end of Ultraman Australia and somewhere near the 70+ kilometre mark of the double marathon.  By now the rest of the support team (Derrick McMillan and Scott Cordwell) would have peeled off to park up the vehicle and get ready for the beach run (on soft sand, bugger).

I am obviously in the hurt locker after 500+ kilometres of swimming, cycling and running. Coach Ray is providing encouragement and refreshments/nutrition or in this case cold water to cool me down from the Queensland heat.

So this week I am back into my training regime that Ray is preparing as the last two weeks were a bit jumbled with celebrating my 50th and being away in Waiouru with work.  It’s great to get back into my routine of swimming on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning, followed by a cycle on a Monday, run on a Tuesday and a brick session of both cycling and running on a Wednesday.  Thursday is my rest day with a stretch which I really look forward to but then feel like I should be hitting the roads lol.  Saturday is my long cycle with Sunday my long run.

On Wednesday this week as I hit the road on my bike a storm was brewing unbeknown to me.  It was raining when I left Camp in the evening but by the time I returned it was blowing a gale and with the rain I was freezing cold, but the run afterwards warmed me up.  I am sure the security guards thought I was nuts as I came through the camp gate.

Take care everyone and I’ll follow the journey and live your journey.

Regards Humps (aka UltraHumps)!

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