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Wednesday WindTrainer Workout: 1hr Technique Improver

This session is great for improving your technique and will help train your neuromuscular system making you a more efficient cyclist. It can also double as a recovery session.

Each Wednesday I’ll post a Wind Trainer session that you can do in about 60 minutes to enhance your cycling. See a previous post about training intensity (Levels) to know how hard to work. If you are working directly with Coach Ray he will in most cases prescribe either a Power Zone or Heart Rate Zone to work within if you are training with these tools.

1hr Technique Improver

  • 15min Warm Up Level II;
  • 2 sets of
    • 5x 60sec SLD (30sec each leg);
    • 60sec Spin Level II RI between sets
  • 3x 2min 60RPM (focus on pedalling the whole circle), 1min Spin Level II RI;
  • 3x 3min (90RPM, 100RPM, 110RPM), 1min Spin Level II RI;
  • 10min Cool Down Level II;
  • 10min Stretching

Start the workout with a warm up of 15 minutes easy riding at Level II.

The main set involves a number of different sets within it.

First up are two sets of Single Leg Drill (SLD), where you spend 30 seconds pedalling with a single leg. Unclip the other leg and either place it on a chair set up beside your trainer or on the rear mount. Complete five reps with each leg (five minutes total), then take 60 seconds Rest Interval (RI) spinning. Then do the second set repeating the Single Leg Drills (SLD).

Next up is a set of three reps riding for two minutes at 60RPM. Spend the time focusing on pedalling the whole circle. You will need to increase the resistance to slow your cadence down so you can feel the whole pedal revolution. After each two minute rep, decrease the resistance and spin for a minute as your Rest Interval (RI).

The final set prior to the cool down is three reps that are each three minutes long, with one minute Rest Interval (RI) where you spin at Level II to recovery in between. Ride each repetition at a higher cadence.  The first rep at 90RPM, the second at 100RPM and the third rep at 110RPM. Focus on keeping your pedal stroke smooth and avoid hip wobble.

Conclude the ride with ten minutes riding at Level II for your Cool Down.

Finish with ten minutes stretching to assist with your recovery.

If you would like further advice feel free to contact me.

I am the Head Coach & Director of Qwik Kiwi – Endurance Sports Consultant.

I specialise in assisting first timers and recreational athletes to achieve their sporting goals. I can be contacted at and 021 348 729.

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