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Life in The Peloton: Tour of Southland Stage Two Interview with Ayden Toovey

A friend of Qwik Kiwi, Ayden Toovey is riding in the Tour of Southland again having ridden in the event previously as an U19 in 2012. We will be publishing a daily interview with Ayden after each stage to give you an insight into ‘Life in the Peloton‘.

QK: How big a factor did Blackmount play with deciding the outcome of todays stage?

AT: Blackmount didn’t really play a major/any roll in the stage result with the win coming from the breakaway. Although it did hurt a fair few riders!

Life in the Peloton
Tineli Performance Bikewear and Team Business South controlling the peloton (Copyright James Jubb)

QK: How did the stage unfold for you and your team?

AT: The stage started really fast and we were keen to stay in as good a position as possible. Managing to pick up a KOM including time bonuses. We missed today’s break but contributed to the chase, however most of the teams were happy to control the break away and let them fight it out for the stage win with Coronet in mind tomorrow.

QK: With Coronet Peak included in tomorrow’s stage how do you envisage this stage playing out?

AT: It’s the Queen stage and everyone is going to tackle it differently with many teams trying to get into the break away in a hope to get an advantage on the climb. It’ll obviously be a brutal stage that I’m looking forward to testing my legs on!

QK: What are your tactics going into tomorrow’s stage?

AT: Be attentive at the front as winds could wreak havoc early on or the run into coronet and just see how the legs feel up the climb tomorrow! Looking forward to it none the less!

QK: All the best for the Crown Range.

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