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Coach Ray’s Sufferings: First Full Week

Follow me on my Half Ironman training and #100DaysOfTri journey’s concurrently. Here is how my week unfolded.

This week is all about assessing my current performance levels. I will use this data to determine training intensities for future training sessions as I build up to the Wellington Half Ironman in January, 12 weeks away.


#100DaysOfTri Day 3

Unfortunately due to an early start and then attending a funeral during the afternoon, I ran out of time to complete my scheduled swim session. However that didn’t stop me getting into the pool and cranking out 2,000 yards as a continuous set.

Strava link to swim.


#100DaysOfTri Day 4

I had a bit more time for this workout and got in and did the session that was originally planned for yesterday. As I’m going to be training primarily in a pool that is 33 ⅓ yards long my sessions are in imperial measurements.

  • 1000yds Warm Up;
  • 8x 67yds (33yds Drill/33yds Swim);
  • 8x 33yds Pick Up 10sec RI;
  • 400yds Time Trial (TT);
  • 10min rest including easy swimming of at least 200yds;
  • 200yds TT
  • 400yds Cool Down;

It was good to get this session done.  I knocked out a 6:14 and a 2:56 giving me a T-Time of 1:40

Strava link to Swim.


#100DaysOfTri Day 5

Today was time to put some hurt down on the bike where I did a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test.

  • 20min Level II WU;
  • 3x 1min Level V, 1min Level I RI;
  • 5min Level V TT;
  • 10min Level I;
  • 20min Level IV TT;
  • 10min Level I CD;

Everything is basically a build up to the 20min TT near the end of this session. As a result of this Test my FTP is 250 Watts.

Strava link to ride.


#100DaysOfTri Day 6

Tri Training NZAfter yesterday’s bike test it was time to do a run test. 5km on a grass track. 12 ½ times around the track. I never enjoy these sessions but they certainly are a good test. I started with a good warm up with 10 minutes jogging, then 3x 60 seconds hard, with a 30 second Rest Interval between and then it was time to actually do the TT.

I cranked out a 20:59 which is not bad for the form I’m feeling in at the moment. I’m unsure how Garmin work out their times for their Race Predictor. I was absolutely stuffed after it.

Strava link to the run.


#100DaysOfTri Day 7

I went to the pool for technique session. I usually dislike this session but today went really well.  I had a lot of flow.

  • 600yds WU;
  • 6x 33yds Drill;
  • 6x 67yds (33yds Drill/33yds Swim);
  • 6x 67yds Swim Golf 10sec RI;
  • 6x 33yds Drill;
  • 6x 67yds (33yds Drill/33yds Swim);
  • 6x 67yds Swim Golf 10sec RI;
  • 6x 33yds Drill;
  • 6x 67yds (33yds Drill/33yds Swim);
  • 200yds CD

Strava link


#100DaysOfTri Day 8

This is the last week of my day job in Christchurch and last night my partner flew down from Nelson and my work mates had a farewell dinner. Got a lift home with a mate so both Rach and I could have a few quiets without risking anything. So someone had to go pick up the van the next day.  I had a nice easy ride back to Lincoln to pick it up.

Strava link


#100DaysOfTri Day 9

Gentle run after spending a weekend of quality time with my partner exploring Banks Peninsula.

Strava link

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