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How I Dropped Over 2 Minutes OFF My 5km Time in 4 Weeks

For a number of years I’ve had a goal of running a sub-3hr marathon. Although it’s been a few years since I’ve tried seriously to prepare for and run a sub-3hr marathon, in the middle of March I sat down…

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race

The Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race is put on by Nathan Fa’avae and his dedicated team. It creates options to participate in Adventure Racing regardless of experience whether in the 3hr (introductory events) through to the 12 hour that is used by teams preparing for the GODZone Expedition Race.

Coach Ray’s Suffering: Continuing to Develop Fitness

In this last week my fitness has continued to improve. Long term consistency is the key and although it is only 3 points my Fitness (blue line) has grown on my Performance Management Chart, but a little and often is…

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Ain’t Been Doing Much So Need To Shake My Tail Feather

It’s been a while since I’ve written like this and to be honest I’m not motivated to bare my soul, but I’ve been inspired by both Lisa & Tash whilst preparing their blogs to publish and need to open up…

Coach Ray’s Sufferings – 5 Weeks in and 4.4kg of FAT Lost

I’m pleased with how this week has gone. Five weeks after starting my health improvement and weight loss focus I’ve lost 4.4kg of fat. I’m feeling a whole lot better and am really into the routine of training regularly.

Coach Ray’s Suffering – 4.7kg’s Lost in 4 Weeks

Well this week was a mixed bag, not overly bad, but poorly planned. My training was ad-hoc and so was my nutrition.  Consequently my results weren’t that great. I’ll show you all the details at the end of the post.

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Falling Off the Wagon

This week went pretty well, until I went away for the weekend and had a few too many beers and also order dessert. I figured I was burning a lot of kiloJoules with all the exercise I was doing and…

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: 2 Weeks in 3kgs Down

So another week down and another successful week of training and results to go along with it. I’ve lost a total of 3.0kg so far and  I’m pretty happy with that.  I’ll show you all the details at the end…

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Temptations of Real Life

The week started off well. I was successful at achieving a minimum of 30 minutes exercise each day with some days a little bit more. All up for the week I achieved a total of 3840m swimming, 3hrs 9min on…

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