Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Falling Off the Wagon

This week went pretty well, until I went away for the weekend and had a few too many beers and also order dessert. I figured I was burning a lot of kiloJoules with all the exercise I was doing and it wouldn’t matter. But it all added up and it DID matter.  However before I got to that point I had some good results with another 1.6kg lost over 6 days.

I’ll show you all the details at the end of the post.

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Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Reality….A New Beginning


This weeks blog takes it’s name from a song by an obscure 90’s band (if you are interested I’ll link to a live recording of it at the end of the blog). A number of things have influenced this post and I haven’t written a Coach Ray’s Suffering post since Mother’s day. Since then my training has been sporadic and inconsistent. Last week in particular I didn’t make any time to look after myself. I ate far too much junk food and didn’t do a single workout. Continue reading “Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Reality….A New Beginning”

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: A New Bike & Back To Racing

Qwik Kiwi

WOW, what a week this one turned out to be. My new Boardman FS Pro 27.5″ MtB turned up and I threw my leg over it as soon as I could.  I’ve taken it for a few spins since then as well.   I also had a good session in the pool and found my running mojo again, as well as wrapping up the 3 week strength training programme I’ve been working on with a colleague.

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