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Client of the Month – Louise Amey

Louise Amey is this months ‘Client of the Month’. Over the last few months she has been preparing for her first Half Ironman which she did a few weeks ago in Rotorua. This is her story.

Early this year I entered the Rotorua Half. I wanted a goal that required serious work and dedication to achieve. That’s certainly what I got!

I found a training plan online. I started training six months before the event. Sometimes I really looked forward to training. Other times I lacked motivation, life got in the way, or the after work drinks were just too tempting. I figured out ways to overcome these challenges. I found people to train with, had build-up events to look forward to, and interacted with others online. These things helped a lot, but about two and a half months before the event, I decided I needed a coach. I wanted to make sure I would achieve my goal.

Working with Ray gave me more confidence in my abilities. I followed the training plan he set, which I saw as my recipe for success. A week before the event, I discussed my tactics with Ray. He advised me to keep it steady. “Don’t sprint unless it is in the last 200 metres!” he instructed. Ray also connected me with one of his other athletes. She had previously completed the Rotorua Half, and would be competing again with me. I got the lowdown on what to expect on the day. She said that the last part of the course was mentally challenging. You can see that most others have finished, but you have to keep going.

Half Ironman

I was late getting to the start line on the day. When everyone was getting into the water I was running down to the beach! This turned out to be a good thing, as I didn’t have time to get nervous. I jumped in the water, and really enjoyed the swim. The water was fresh, calm, and clear. The bike provided a few hills that got the legs burning. The run was definitely the hardest, as I was so tired by that point. This was exaggerated by the fact that it’s a trail run. I had to make a conscious effort to keep lifting my feet. I saw one girl stack it head first into the dirt. Even though the course is a hard one, it is extremely beautiful. We also had beautiful weather. This was a nice change after training in cold, wet and windy Wellington.

I can proudly say that I completed the Rotorua Half! I managed a respectable time and was not too sore afterwards. Even now, only ten days later, I can’t believe I achieved it. There were so many people who helped and supported me along the way. I am thankful to them for contributing to my success – this includes Ray!

– By Louise Amey

As client of the month Louise received a bouquet of flowers delivered to her today.

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