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UltraHumps: Training in Taupo for Ironman

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Welcome to Blog # 33 as I inch my way closer to Ultraman Australia, but not before completing my second Iron distance in two weeks as part of the 3+2+1=Charity.

Unsurprisingly, I felt myself fatigued during training in the first part of this week.  Coach Ray had the challenging task of planning my training for the second Iron distance whilst having to consider my recovery from the first one.

I checked the results from Challenge Wanaka properly this week and realised I came 7th in my age group, with less than a minute between the 6th place and myself.

The top 6 in the age groups were to win the opportunity to compete in the ‘Challenge The Champion’ event overseas.  I knew this as I saw a guy who looked about my age in front of me and wondered if we were about 6th.  I don’t feel disappointed that I missed out as the event is just three weeks after Ultraman Australia.  That would really have Coach Ray sending me off to see the psychs, albeit it  is a Half Iron distance.  Financially it would be too much, let alone physically being so close to Ultraman, but more importantly I was stoked for the French guy in front of me, as he came and saw me in the recovery tent and was so excited that he won the opportunity.  His excitement was worth seeing.

For training this week, I felt no muscular stiffness after Challenge Wanaka (well not after a day or so), but I did feel fatigued.  There was nothing like being in the swimming pool with young kids burning past me in the next lane like they are on steroids.  A couple of the lifeguards asked me how Wanaka went, admiring my sunburn wings on my back from my tri-suit and said they noticed I looked tired.

Later in the week my timings were improving again so I knew Coach Ray had it right.  I spent this weekend in Taupo meeting up with my partner and trained on parts of the bike course and run course before returning to work for a few days before heading up again for Ironman. Unfortunately I got two punctures but had only taken one spare tube and an air cylinder which resulted in an hour long walk back in my socks!!

Ultraman Oz
Lily caught up with the team after school on the Tuesday (jut prior to the prize-giving) where UltraHumps presented her with a Taonga in appreciation of her efforts and support during the kayak leg.

Looking ahead for Ultraman, I received confirmation this week from Lily’s mum and Ultraman Australia that Lily is keen to be our Safety Paddler again for Ultraman Australia, which Coach Ray and I are really pleased about.  As an 11 or 12 year old she did an excellent job last year at keeping me in line and telling me when I was allowed to eat and drink.  She promised to bring her watch this year to assist in gauging it lol.  I presented her with a Taonga last year as we headed to the Awards Function.  At the time I said to her “If I’m ever crazy enough to do this again, will you be my Safety Paddler?”  She said “Yes”.  Little did I know at the time I was going to be crazy enough to punish my body again.

Take care team, and I’ll post my next blog delayed by 24 hours (7am Tue 7 March) with Coach Ray’s blessing after Ironman New Zealand next week.

If you wish to donate to my charity of the Children of the Fallen Heroes, which is what the 3+2+1=Charity is all about, then please use the enclosed link.   100% of the funds raised goes to the cause.  I am paying all other expenses myself.


Regards John Humphries (Aka UltraHumps, Aka Humps)!