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After the weather storm last weekend, I woke up on Monday to fine weather. Makes me wonder why the weather blast always happens in the weekends lol. I normally train in the rain regardless, because if it’s raining at an event, ya just have to get on with it, so why not train in it.  However when I heard the thunder rolling in with the torrential rain last weekend, I pushed my bike back inside and headed for the Exercycle in the Camp Gym for safety reasons.

UltramanI received a wonderful letter this week from the Children of the Fallen Heroes.  I was part of their fundraising for them and attended their activity in Australia, with families who have lost a parent in similar active service circumstances.

I found the letters from each child very moving. They put a lump in my throat.  It confirms that this journey of fundraising for them again, all that much more important and worthwhile.  It will certainly keep me going on the heavy training days Coach Ray needs to put me through and at events when the going gets tough, just by thinking of them and what I can do to help them.

I received confirmation this week from Anodyne Services Australia (ASA), that they have come on board to sponsor me again this year.  Last year Anodyne Services Australia provided us with two 4WD vehicles and a vast array of equipment, like vehicle fridges, two-way radios, whiteboards and anything else Coach Ray asked for.  This has certainly saved me a huge expense.  Some of their staff (Debs Pohatu and Jackie Te Amo whom served with me in the NZ Army, along with Debs husband Simon Pohatu) have volunteered to be part of my Support Crew.  Debs and Simon turned up last year for Day 3 to witness the Double Marathon, with last years Support Crew taking turns at pacing me, so they know what they are in for (particularly with the lovely hills to run up lol).  This is huge weight off my mind, not just financially, but as a couple of last years Support Crew are unavailable, I was starting to scratch my head at the assistance needed for Coach Ray and myself with vehicle drivers and pacers, etc.

Challenge WanakaTraining is picking back up again. I am happy with where I am with my running pace of between 5:00 to 5:30 mins per km (not bad for a 50 year old).  My swimming and cycling are slowly coming back to the speeds in the pool and heart rate on the bike, but it is a work in progress after the two Ironmans over two consecutive weekends.

This weeks photos are from the card sent to me from the Children of the Fallen Heroes.  I will keep these letters close to my heart as a personal momento (I am sure you will all understand me not sharing them).

If you wish to donate to my charity of the Children of the Fallen Heroes, which is what the 3+2+1=Charity is all about, then please use the enclosed link. 100% of the funds raised goes to the cause.  I am paying all other expenses myself.
Regards John Humphries (Aka UltraHumps, Aka Humps)!

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