Best of the Internet for Endurance Athletes: 09 Apr 17

Each Sunday I’ll post my ‘best of’ list in a number of categories from the inter-webs. Other weeks can be found here. Click on the images to link through to the article.

Technology/Equipment Articles

Running dynamics finally gets its own standard

Training/Racing Articles

Your DIY Guide to Maximizing Your Swim Stroke Potential
How to Use a Power Meter to Help Fix Your Cycling Weaknesses
One-Hour Workout: Long-Speedy Track Session

Nutrition Articles

Non-dairy Substitutes for 7 Common Dairy Products


Book of the Week

The ultimate manual for success in the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge—New Zealand’s top cycling event and part of the international Golden Bike Series.  This guide contains all the information necessary to prepare, train, and have a great ride. While elite cyclists strive for personal bests, solo riders, relay teams, mountain bikers, and casual riders alike all have the time of their lives cycling through some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking scenery. Featuring both 16- and 32-week comprehensive training programs suitable for riders of all levels, this resource is the only one of its kind specifically designed for New Zealand cycling conditions and for this immensely popular event in particular.

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