4 Weeks to a Faster 1500

What is the Secret to Swimming Faster over 1,500m in Only 4 Weeks?

4 Weeks to a Faster 1,500m

With only two 2,000m sessions each week

Do you want a swim programme that will enhance your swimming without over stretching your time and training commitment over winter?

Sound too good to be true?

Tri Swim CoachAfter struggling to fit my training in over recent months I put my focus on my swimming and swam a 1,500 yd (I used yards as I train in a 33⅓ yard pool not a 25m pool). I timed myself and swam it in 25:43 initially.

I also got another client to use the same programme as myself and they swam their initial 1,500 in 27:40.  Over the next four weeks we both swam two sessions a week with the sessions being 2,000m/yds long. These sessions typically only took 30-40 minutes to complete and were easy to fit into a week.

There was a mix of focus on drills in some sessions, long more aerobic reps in some and shorter more intense intervals in others. The key thing is that it worked at getting us faster in only 4 weeks. Although I do need to admit I crashed my mountain bike injuring myself in this time and then had to spend some time out of the pool whilst the injury healed.  During that time I picked up a bad infection which kept me out of the pool again so I consequently took a few extra weeks to complete the programme and only made a small improvement in that time.


After the 4 weeks when my client did their 1,500 again they were 1:31 qwiker now swimming 25:49 that is a 5.6% improvement in just four weeks!!! My results weren’t as impressive because the process was interrupted but I still swam 41 seconds or 2.7% qwiker.

Do you want these sorts of results for your swimming?

Since I’ve put this programme together I’ve used it with a number of clients. Some like Dave Carroll from Australia and Matthew Schipper from Woodville have improved their 1,500m time by over 3 minutes. On average you will make a 6.6% improvement.

Winter is the perfect time to do a programme like this and make some drastic improvements. I personally guarantee that if you follow the programme and don’t get results I will refund your money in full no questions asked.

Swim Workout

This swim programme (along with other triathlon, running and cycling related programmes) are all loaded as standard options for members of www.CoachRayTraining.com for you to utilise.

At the time of publishing I charge $9 per week, but if you join up now you’ll get your first 14 days free. If you don’t like it, cancel your membership inside the 14 days and don’t pay a cent. What have you got to lose (except taking time off your 1,500m swim)?

Go to www.CoachRayTraining.com and sign up.

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