4 Weeks to a Faster 1500

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Time To Get Some Consistency Back

Last week was a bit of a mixed bag. With a lack of structure in my programming I didn’t complete as much training as I should have. I continued on with the strength training with Kutz on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also chucked in some random workouts after I finished up a 4 week programme that got stretched over a couple of extra weeks due to my injury and illness a few weeks ago. Regardless I made a 41 second improvement in my 1,500yd swim time.

Having been working through the 4 Weeks to a Faster 1,500 swim programme when I got injured and then tried to get back into training and picked up a bad infection, I finally completed this programme on Monday with a 1,500 time of 25:02, which was 41 seconds and 2.66% faster than the 25:43 I completed a few weeks ago. The whole premise of the programme is that it only requires a commitment of two 2,000 metre or yard swims each week. Easy to complete and it gets results.

After the swim it was off to the weight room for my strength session with Kutz (see last weeks post for more details).

  • Lat Pull Down 3 sets of 6 reps at 90kg
  • Close Grip Pull Down 3 sets of 5 reps at 90kg
  • Straight Arm Pull Down 3 sets of 12 reps at 24.5kg
  • DB Bench press 3 sets of 10 reps at 14kg superset with DB Flies 3 sets of 10 reps at 8.5kg

With Tuesday being ANZAC day I spent the day with the family and looked after the kids so my partner could get out for ride in the afternoon having attended a service in the morning.

Then Wednesday it was back to the weights room for another session with Kutz.

  • Seated Cable Row 3 sets 6x 82kg
  • DB Row 3 Sets 6x 38kg
  • Wide Grip Seated Cable Row 3 sets 12x 47kg
  • Mil Press 3 sets 10x 30kg super set with Cable Tricep Push Down 10x 21kg

Then in the afternoon I got out for a ride. I needed to do a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test to see where my fitness is at.  With it being a nice day I rode up the Waihopai Valley. This is a tough test that requires a maximal effort over both 5 minutes and 20 minutes to determine my FTP which having not ridden for a wee while due to my injury was down a few Watts from last time.

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Having done nothing on Thursday (I can’t remember why but I probably got busy with work). It was back to the weight room on Friday.

  • Lat PD 3 Sets 6x 92kg
  • Seated Row 3 Sets 5x 82kg (last set 84.5kg)
  • Bent Over Row 3 sets 12x 50kg
  • Bench Press 3 Sets 10x 50kg, super set with DB Mil Press 3 sets 10x 8.5kg

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The only training I got done in the weekend was a short run on the Sunday. I’m still not up to running smoothly or comfortably. Even though I used my flattish 30 minute block I still found the whole running thing a struggle and uncomfortable. Looks like coming back from injury and illness is going to be a longer slower process than I expected.


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