Spring Challenge

Training for Spring Challenge

A couple of nights ago I hosted a Webinar on ‘How to Train for the Spring Challenge’.

For those that missed it here is an overview of it.

Training each week should be based around three key types of workouts:

  1. Adventurous Sessions,
  2. Fitness Sessions, and
  3. Recovery/Easier Sessions.

Adventurous Sessions

These sessions are best done with your team mates in the weekend, but if you can all get out mid-week there is nothing to stop you doing the adventures then. Take a map and compass and have all your compulsory race gear in a wee back pack. Go on an adventure together and practice your navigation.

Here is an article I wrote last year about planning Adventurous Sessions for Spring Challenge:

How to Plan an Adventurous Training Session for Spring Challenge

Fitness Sessions

These are designed to make you fitter and can be done with your team mates or by yourself. Having your team mates do these workouts with you will provide motivation and commitment but if due to circumstances you can’t all get together then that is fine. Fitness sessions are all less than an hour in duration but are a higher intensity to build your fitness quickly.

Each week I post a number of different fitness sessions on this website. Here is this weeks cycle session:

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: 4x 6 minute Threshold Intervals

Recovery/Easier Sessions

These sessions are designed to enhance your recovery from the more physically demanding training. If you have a big weekend planned then schedule one for on Friday (unless that is part of an adventure weekend you have planned).


Although I had some technical issues here is the webinar replay in full, with the Q&A session at the end.

Training Plan

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