Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Reality….A New Beginning

This weeks blog takes it’s name from a song by an obscure 90’s band (if you are interested I’ll link to a live recording of it at the end of the blog). A number of things have influenced this post and I haven’t written a Coach Ray’s Suffering post since Mother’s day. Since then my training has been sporadic and inconsistent. Last week in particular I didn’t make any time to look after myself. I ate far too much junk food and didn’t do a single workout.

A friend of mine set himself a #40DaysOfFocus challenge (click the link to go through to his Instagram profile).  His aim was to improve his health and fitness through regular training and healthy eating without going to extremes.

Twelve months ago I found myself at a similar turning point looking for commitment from myself and I set up #100DaysOfTri on Facebook as an accountability group to keep myself (and anyone else who wanted to) accountable to their training by committing to doing a minimum of 30 minutes exercise for triathlon each day. Each day you would post a video or image from your training onto social media, every day for 100 days consecutively.

In the weekend I weighed myself (like I do most weekends), and with my lack of training and poor eating habits my weight had nearly crept up to 90kgs and my body fat percentage had risen close to 20%. I needed to do something to make some positive changes.

Recently my partner set herself a goal of running the Buller Gorge Half Marathon and then that grew to also include running the Nelson Festival of Running Half Marathon. With my training being non-existent lately I set about preparing a programme for her, but also drew inspiration from her. Although I haven’t committed to doing either of these events yet, I’m confident that I will participate in them in some form, most likely doing the half marathons and trying to see how qwikly I can run them.

I have committed to doing the Harbour to Hills Half Ironman in Hawkes Bay in April next year. Back to where I did my first ever Half Ironman back in January 1994.

By re-invigorating my weekly blog posts I’m going to be accountable to anyone who reads them (if it’s no one at all that doesn’t matter). Each week I’ll publicly announce my weight and what I have done training wise Monday to Sunday. I’m also going to be accountable with what I eat by including details of my nutrition, that I will record utilising the My Fitness Pal app. I’ll write the post on a Monday and publish on a Tuesday morning.

My weight on Saturday 5th August was 89.8kg 19.6% body fat. Although I didn’t complete any training on the Saturday I found time for a 30 minute stretching session on Sunday evening (although Strava only records my moving time).

As you can see in the Performance Management Chart below my fitness (blue line) has been trending down over the last 90 days.









So this is the reality of my fitness and training over winter, but it is also a new beginning.

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  1. Good to hear you’re getting back into it Ray.
    You sound just like me since May, with weight trending up and fitness trending down, with last week being rather a lazy week.

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