7 Tips To Enhance Your Clean Eating + a BONUS Tip

Here are 7 qwik tips to help you lose weight with clean eating:

  1. Drink water;
  2. Snack on fresh fruit;
  3. Include fresh salads for lunch and dinner;
  4. Avoid processed foods;
  5. Minimise treats;
  6. Cut back on alcohol; and
  7. Plan and prepare your meals in advance.

Read to the end to find out what the 8th BONUS tip is.

1. Drink Water

Water makes up a large proportion of the cells in our body and if we get too much of it we excrete it out with no further consequences. Water can also help fill up your stomach and give you the sensation that you are full, which will mean you stop eating earlier and avoid over-eating. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and also try and drink a glass of water prior to a meal and then again whilst you consume your meal.

2. Snack on Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is full of natural goodness and packed with vitamins. As the old adage says “an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay“. Top up between meals with fresh fruit for your snacks.  This is far better than a sweet treat from a bakery. Have an apple or a banana as staples in your fruit bowl, but also include other fruit such as pears, oranges, mandarins etc.

3. Include Fresh Salads for Lunch & Dinner

Base your meals around plenty of fresh vegetables in your meals.  Salads are a great way of incorporating them. Have the key ingredients lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, red onion etc on hand all the time and you can whip up a salad in no time at all.

4. Avoid Processed Foods

Any commercially processed food product will come sealed in a package (for ‘freshness‘, but can you call it fresh when it’s been on a shop shelf for so long?) If you prepare your meals from fresh ingredients each and every time you will cut out all the chemicals and processing that is involved in preparing that product (notice I’m stopping short of calling it actual food!)

5. Minimise Treats

How often do you find yourself having an ice-cream, some chocolate or baked good? Did you really need to eat it? What did it provide you? Re-read Tip’s 1 & 2 and replace your treat with a glass of water and/or some fresh fruit.

6. Cut Back On Alcohol

Alcohol is empty Calories (or kiloJoules if you prefer metric measurements like I do). It does not provide the body with usable energy and it needs to be converted to fat to be stored in our body and then utilised.

7. Plan and prepare your meals in advance

Take the time to sit down in advance to plan your meals. At the same time write a shopping list and purchase your ingredients. If you’ve got a well stocked pantry and fridge, as well as having a good plan in place in advance, you won’t be tempted to resort to snack food whilst you decide what eat.

8. Purchase your Fresh Fruit and Veges from a Farmers Market

Farmers markets are a great source of very fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit. As you are buying direct from the farmer there is no middle man to add their profit on or delays in transporting from the farm to the store shelf. You get greater nutrient value and get the benefits of doing so. For New Zealand based farmers markets click here.

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