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7 Tips To Enhance Your Clean Eating + a BONUS Tip

Here are 7 qwik tips to help you lose weight with clean eating: Drink water; Snack on fresh fruit; Include fresh salads for lunch and dinner; Avoid processed foods; Minimise treats; Cut back on alcohol; and Plan and prepare your…

The 3 Tiers of Weight Loss

It might feel like effective and long lasting weight loss requires ALL the stars to align, but the secrets really come down to a combination of factors that will mean that you can have true health. The three tiers are:…

3 Secrets to Weight Loss Success (#1 Will Surprise You)

What does it take to have weight loss success? In 1994 Rena Wing a behavioural psychologist at Brown University and James Hill a paediatrician at University of Colorado founded the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) in their search for the…

Is the Paleo Diet the One True Way to Eat?

The Paleo Diet is based around the principle of eating only food that was available to our forefathers during the Paleolithic period. The Paleolithic period occurred between the first bipedal primates 2½ Million years ago and the agricultural revolution about 8,000BC….

What is Wrong With the Raw Food Diet?

The Raw Food Diet (RFD) is a sub-species of vegetarianism. People that stick to the RFD strictly believe that eating animal foods is unhelathy and not something that our species was ‘meant‘ to do and that cooking is unhealthy. The…

Nutrition Plan for Spring Challenge

The main aim of eating is to provide the body with enough fuel for activity. For this reason it is important to ensure that what you eat is going to provide that fuel.

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How to Fuel For a Half Marathon

This post started out as an email response to a question about fuelling for a half marathon: Previous advice during a race is not to drink the sugary electrolyte drinks and stick with the water. This stops the energy system…


5 Tips to Record Your Weight & Body Composition Accurately

The old adage states that what gets measured gets improved. Here are my tips to ensure that you accurately measure and record your weight and body composition accurately to ensure that you improve it.

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