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Lisa’s Journey Week 5: Underneath it all, tights, bras, buffs and stuff…

I waited out the frost this morning like a whimp.  Too cold for me. As things started to thaw I headed off thinking I’d nailed it – a short run.  The sun was shining, my undies were sitting in the correct place, nothing was itching/rubbing/annoying me, life was good.

Then, I thought I might just hitch my tights a little.  Dumb, dumb move.  That tiny adjustment seemed to throw the whole show out of balance and suddenly I felt like I’d got my knickers in a knot… Urrggghh!!

I’m glad the watch reads your heart rate, as Ray might think I die every now and then, as everything suddenly ‘stops’) Never fear Coach, it’s just a ‘re-adjustment break’, and geez, a sight for any poor person who might witness me doing these adjustments while running.

Right – with all that said and done, on I go. And what a run!!! And nope not in a good way. My legs just felt like lead weights today, and I found it hard to pick them up and actually move them another step forward, which was SUPER frustrating.  My breathing today was fine, so much so I swore out loud, and it came out nice and clear unhindered by any shortness of breath!! Sometimes swearing out loud lets out the frustration and I feel better… and nope that wasn’t helping this morning either. But you have to take the good with bad I guess,.  I got home in one piece and my knee that’s been dicking me around the last few days, found the position it was happy in, and didn’t hurt while I ran. Yah!

Whale RunFor the odd guy who might read this one, it’s probably not a topic of interest), but I’m totally jealous of guys!! For one, you’re lucky enough not to have ‘boobs’ and for those of you who do go out and run, you probably chuck on a pair of running shorts or tights. I guess manly men call them pants or something, and off you go, (mmmm, seems you have all the luck in general, you chuck on a shirt and jeans, and boom you’re ready for a night out too). Well for the ‘fuller figure’, sports attire can be a right ‘pain in the arse’. I don’t know if it’s my odd shape or what, but I struggle to find comfortable sport wear for the big bum and thighs. So any bigger women out there who may read this PLEASE let me know if you’ve come across proper fitness tights with all that moisture wicking, stretch, and fancy, non chafing seams etc they talk about. I would love to hear from you!!

I do however have my trusty ‘Morfa’ running tights who definitely deserve a mention.  I bought a pair of full length ones last year from https://www.morfa.nz when I started biking. I saw an advertisement on Facebook and liked the look of them. Gregory supplied excellent service, and the tights themselves have served me well.  They are comfy, have a great waistband so they don’t fall down and are a good thickness, even when stretched to capacity, which they currently are. They are true to their name. They have ‘morphed’ with my ever changing body shape over the last year, and I was shocked when after an ever so slight battle, I got them on again five weeks ago! I didn’t think they could ‘morph’ anymore at this point, but I would highly recommend them, and the fitness tops are really nice too.

Whale RunI’ve also ‘winged’ the ole sports bra thing a little too long now too. I’d never bothered too much with a proper running bra, as I was never a proper runner. Always just wore my normal bra with a sports crop over top. Never seemed a big deal, it’s just what I did.  But now, years on, it’s a deal, with added sweat, and the general all over firmer fit of clothes and you’ve got a stingy recipe for disaster! And boy, if you didn’t realise you had skin off,  you certainly will once you have a shower!!!!

One last thing, as I’ve waffled on way too much is the ‘buff’. Hats off to whoever the clever person was to invent the tiny, yet very expensive little piece of fabric. They’re actually genius.  Who would’ve thought such a simple thing could be so useful! They’re fantastic in the cold and in my case, they also double as a disguise… haha  

Whale RunAnd so here we are at the end of week five – already! I’ve realised having to write these blogs, how quickly the weeks are passing, it feels like I have just written one and it’s already time to start another. And over the last five weeks I’ve come to appreciate that the right gear for the job makes life much more pleasant, oh and everyone’s positive phrase re: the blogs and the hello from the pussycat,when you’re stretching post run and are wondering how you will do it all again the next day!!!

– Lisa Harris

Lisa will be writing weekly as she continues her journey to achieving her goal of completing the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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Lisa has worked hard over the last four weeks building her training sessions up from a walk with a bit of running…through to running with a bit of walk and now 4km of non-stop running following the programme below.



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