Chef Ray – Chicken, Baby Kale, and Roast Tomato Wholemeal Pasta

A delicious and easy to prepare soup that gives great flavour and sustenance.

From: Freer, Chrissy (Oct 2015) Master the Pasta in: Healthy Food Guide

Serves: 4

  • 400g cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Olive oil spray
  • 250g wholemeal or spelt penne
  • 300g chicken breast fillet, thinly sliced
  • leek, white part only, thinly sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
  • 2 teaspoons lemon zest
  • 2 cups baby kale leaves
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons slivered almonds, lightly toasted
  1. Heat oven to 160ºC. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Put tomato halves on tray and spray with olive oil and roast for 10 minutes, or until just wilted, then set aside.
  2. Cook penne in a large saucepan of boiling water according to packet instructions until al dente. Drain pasta well and return to pan.
  3. Meanwhile set a large non-stick frying pan over a high heat and spray with olive oil. Add chicken slices and cook, turning, for 2-3 minutes, or until golden. Remove chicken from pan and set aside.
  4. Spray frying pan with oil again and set over medium heat. Add leek and gently fry for 5 minutes until soft. Add garlic and lemon zest and cook, stirring, for 1 minute. Add kale and cook, stirring, until just wilted. Return, reserved chicken to the pan and cook until heated through.
  5. Add chicken, kale and roast tomatoes to hot pasta with lemon juice and toss. Divide pasta among 4 bowls, season with pepper, scatter with almonds and serve.

I used vegeroni instead of penne as that is what we had in the cupboard.

Although I’m not a qualified chef I do like to pretend I’m on Master Chef. I source the recipes from the stated source (not sauce) and make them taking the photo of the meal I produce for myself.

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