Clatters Chatter: Keep On Pushing!

“Last 100 meters, keep going, come on!” Telling my body not to give up and to keep pushing through the hard work is something everyone wants to achieve. This week I will be talking about how training is going, how I’m keeping motivated and still pushing forward.

Lately has been hard, with winter arriving and its cold and dark outside, in the mornings and evenings, also having the flu a few weeks ago. I have had bad luck in many ways, in this case. I’ve had to convince myself to keep pushing through it, “Get up,” trying to get myself to keep going. But the most important thing is to look back to my future goal, of where I want to be. At the Olympic stage progressing to Hawaii.

Things that keep me motivated, are by training with friends and being with my family. This does truly help as they keep me pushing, positively. Now its the school holidays in NZ, I hope to have more time to train, it will be warmer when I train, as I can train almost any time of the day that I want.

Me keeping limber

Apart from these drawbacks of the cold and being sick, training has been going well as I slowly get back into it preparing for Nationals Cross Country in Wellington on the 4th of August. I hope to do well here, as long as I keep well.

“Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do want others can’t”

‘Tempo Fit’

With the Tour De France happening at the moment, I can watch that to give me some encouragement to go faster, train longer, better and harder. To make myself a better athlete and head towards the top.

Well I better get to it, as I have a workout I believe, that needs to be completed. So I will attend to that. Remember keep yourself motivated and look back at your and ask yourself why did I start this? And never give up, keep pushing till you feel you are satisfied. Doesn’t happen often.

By Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

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