Clatters Chatter: Nutrition Update

Did I stick to my plans? My Nutrition was something I wanted to nail and do well with, as it would help make me a better athlete. My goal of trying to eat as healthy as I could with the occasional soul food, was challenging.

Everyday the temptation from bad food was all around me, no matter how hard I tried to not eat it. If my mum was buying it for the rest of the family I knew that she was going to make me eat it one day or another.

I managed to last about 8 weeks on this healthy lifestyle, and after nationals I had a few treats, and have enjoyed my food a little bit more, as i have been unable to train due to illness.

Making the change to eat more healthy and a better diet, wasn’t the hard bit, it was sticking to it, with all the distractions around you. And if you can manage to block all the people out who eat just junk food and have bad diets, then well done to you, your halfway there.

So for the future, I will try my best to stay on a good healthy diet, but if I fancy a treat, ill probably just have it, as it is so hard when I’m young to eat completely healthy. As there is so many things you have to worry about.

me happy after completing a training session this week.

Like, getting enough calories in your body to match the output you are doing, Friends at school, all eating garbage food around you. Your parents, constantly nagging at you to eat some fat and sugar, because you need it in junk food form, according to them.

Nutrition does play a very important role in making you better, as what you eat decides your mode, how you feel and your body and how it functions. With better diet your body utilizes all these things below.

Improved cardiovascular health, including better blood flow, delivery of oxygen and blood pressure.

Improved respiratory function.

A stronger immune system.

Stronger bones and muscles.

Improved metabolism to keep your body burning calories.

This is another great reason to eat better for your sports, as it can help you improve massively, with training and overall improvements to make you faster, stronger, better. Along with the health benefits I said in my last nutrition write up, if you want to check them out, check my previous articles.

Well hoped you learned that having a good diet is very beneficial to your training and also for your overall health. Do try to eat helathy if you can even if its just for a short while, make an attempt and see for yourself how much better you feel.


Thanks, by Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

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