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Month: December 2019

Friday Fartlek Run: Steady Plus 75min

Race pace for events longer than half marathon distance for most athletes aren’t run at threshold pace but instead a touch lower with large portions of the event done at Level III. It’s important to expose the body to training at this level of intensity. This is a great workout for someone training for a half to full marathon (whether part of an Ironman or 70.3).

Tuesday Kayak Training: 3x 15min Threshold Intervals

Threshold Intervals are a great way to develop your kayaking fitness. This session is great for building your threshold capability and is very time efficient if you have little time to be on the water. This session is perfect for someone training for the Coast to Coast

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Christmas Tree Time!

This week once again started great, with the only session missed the hill run, mainly as it just wasn’t safe! The temperature has dropped and it was really icy under foot! Besides that the bike and swim workouts went as…

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