Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: It’s Christmas!

Not much to report this week to be honest! As the title suggests it’s christmas week and training is if and when it can!

Despite that the week has been relatively successful, green swim’s, Bike’s and runs. Feel I’m really improving in all areas and just trying to avoid eating too much Christmas junk and going into the new year with too much to do!

Time is really ticking on and the lack of long bikes and runs this winter could really dampen my chances of getting pb’s in 2020. The last think I want is too have a mountain to climb reducing my weight too!

So with one week left in 2019 I’m going to give it my best shot, fit as much in as I can and go into 2020 with a positive mind and some key sessions kicked off!

So I’m going to put some goals together in next weeks blog, get some focus and really put in a good 3 months to the start of the tri season. I hope it’s going to be an exciting one!

– Mike Catton

Mike is training for some triathlons and half Ironman in 2019. Check in next Monday for his next article about his training journey.

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