Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Sometimes you just need a kick!

Firstly sorry this blog is coming out slightly late! I had a blog all set to go live. But after my long run sunday I wanted to change it and felt for anybody reading this blog that isn’t currently coached by Ray, it’s worth a read!

So, why is that? Well Ray on a weekly basis updates my Training Peaks account with comments and analysis of the previous weeks sessions. Now UK time this normally shows up on my Training Peaks account either Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Well this week it was 7:30am Sunday morning.

Now the significance of this week was that I had a cracking week Monday to Friday, all sessions ticked off nicely and feeling good, then the dreaded Saturday long bike was a “RED” session! No point me coming up with excuses, you have heard them all, I simply just didn’t do it!

By not doing this workout I really wanted to make amends and put in a good run on the Sunday morning. Now Ray seems to have this strange ability to sense when I’m not feeling good, or going to bail on a session.

I started the run feeling rubbish, cold, wet and dreading the 2 hours ahead. 30 minutes in I’ll be honest I felt like pulling the plug! I was at a crossroad where I could of been home in 10 minutes or can turn right and carry on with the run further away from my house.

Thats when this message came through from Ray;

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve done the long run or the long ride….you are slipping into your old habits. You’ve missed the bike this week, lets not miss the run as well.

Rays Facebook messenger message

I’m 30 mins into long run. Finding it really tough

My Reply

You’ve got this…you are 25% of it complete. Crack on and finish it off. I have faith in you.

Ray’s Reply

Cut a long story short, that was simply all I needed. It worked, I completed the session and come 9:30am I was fully done and could enjoy the rest of the day. This must continue, it feels horrible when doing these session. Probably because I haven’t done them for so long! So take home from this is get the session done, it always feels better when it’s done rather than missing it!

– Mike Catton

Mike is training for some triathlons and half Ironman in 2020. Check in next Monday for his next article about his training journey.

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