Triathlon Programme

Tuesday Training Plan: Triathlon Bike/Run Beginner 16 week programme

This bike & run programme will see you improve your overall cycling and running fitness in 16 weeks time.

The programme is designed to be conducted in conjunction with a swim programme (available through Qwik Kiwi Coaching or if you are training with your local Master’s or other swim squad).

After you’ve completed this 8 week block you can adapt to a more specific plan to target a specific event or specific goal.

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Normally I charge $397/month for my coaching but you’ll get the advantage of 

  • A dedicated training plan on Training Tilt (value $397)
  • Access to a fortnightly group coaching call (value $20 per call x2 = $40)
  • The event Training Bible (value $27 for each event plan)
  • Access to my Eat Well service (value $97)
  • Access to my popular Top 10 Healthy Recipe Book ($17)
  • Access to a range of my popular eBooks (total value $76)
  • The dedicated Coach Ray / Qwik Kiwi Coaching support group (priceless)
  • Garmin .FIT files for all run and bike workouts (cherished by Garmin users)

That’s a total value of over $654, and you will only pay $97 per month. Saving you over $557. All at no risk, if you don’t get faster in the first 30 days you get a full 100% money back guarantee.

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