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Thursday Training Plan: 28 Day Covid-19 Lock Down Challenge

With COVID-19 ensuring events get cancelled and we live in a new world where we are limited with what we can do. Here in New Zealand we are allowed to exercise in our local neighbourhood. I’ve set myself two goals over the coming weeks to improve my 5km time and also my FTP.

COVID-19 🦠 Training Options

With the lockdown and restrictions in place around the world due to COVID-19 or Corona Virus, swimming pools have been closed and restrictions on movement outside have come into place in most western countries. Further frustrations for endurance athletes have come with the cancelations of events all over the world. Training plans have been thrown into turmoil. As frustrating as it is that you can’t continue to train for the event that was your goal and we don’t know when the crisis will be over enough for events to recommence.

COVID-19: How to Swim Train When The Pools Are Closed

Currently here in New Zealand I’m reasonably isolated from the effects of COVID-19 with only 20 reported cases and my local pool is still open and operating. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for athletes all around the world I’m arranging Skype calls with my Northern Hemisphere triathletes and swimmers who I coach to put into place alternative plans for them. Here are my suggestions and recommendations for continuing to work on your swim fitness whilst your local pool is closed.

Thursday Training Plan: 4 Weeks to a FASTER 1,500m

The 4 Weeks to a FASTER 1,500m swim plan is one of my most popular swim plans. It has been designed for the triathlete targeting an Olympic distance triathlon but has very limited time to train. The original version involves two swims per week, and these swims are limited to 2km a session. If you have limited training time available, this is the training plan for you.

$20 Consultations To Celebrate 20 Years Coaching

To celebrate 20 years coaching professionally I’ve giving away 20 consultations for only $20, these are full 60 minute consultations with myself to discuss your goals, training and racing. Giving you guidance on the way forward and direction your should take.

Thursday Training Plan: 24 week Century Ride Training Plan

This training plan is great for cyclists looking at riding a century or other long ride. Over the 24 weeks the various options of the plan build your fitness. It will work through four phases, building your aerobic base, adding in some strength work on the hills, before building your threshold and aerobic capacity.

Thursday Training Plan: 8 Weeks to a FASTER 10k

This programme is one of my staples and works great for pure runners and triathletes racing both sprint and olympic distance. It has been designed for people who run between 35 and 50 minutes currently for 10km and really puts some spark in your legs over the next 8 weeks. To follow this programme effectively I highly recommend some sort of GPS watch like a Garmin and I’ve also included power based workouts if you’ve paired your Garmin with a running power meter like a Stryd.

Thursday Training Plan: Ironman or Open Water Swim PB

I’ve taken my most popular training plan and given it a make over for 2020. I’ve taken the 12 Weeks to an Ironman Swim PB – Swim Faster with Smarter Training and I’ve modified to to expand the programme from 12 weeks and include an option for more than 3 swims per week.

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