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Bronnie Ticks Off The Quarter IronMāori

I was inspired 3 years ago watching a friend compete in IRONMAN NZ.  Looking at so many people swimming, biking, and running to achieve their goals. I thought ‘could I do this?’  One major problem with that idea is my swimming, I had a big problem that I couldn’t breathe correctly, I hyperventilate and panic.  What to do?

We found a swim coach and we started the journey of improving my swimming, then she had an accident and we had to find someone else, we came across Laughlin Davey and he took us on (saying us, meaning myself and my partner Mark, who completed IRONMAN March this year 2020).
I also needed since direction and a plan to follow, so I hooked up with Qwik Kiwi Coaching in October 2019, I started with the Foundation Membership, which helped me get into a consistent routine with my training.  Having a plan to follow and a fortnightly squad coaching call.  But since I know my weaknesses, I knew I had to have a more specific plan for myself, so in early November 2020, I changed to the Team Qwik Kiwi coaching programme, which gives me a personalised plan catering to my goals. 

I have just recently completed my first triathlon, IronMāori quarter, and can say that I got through all disciplines but still struggled with the swim.  Let’s break it down a bit.  

Bronwyn Frew

1 km swim in the Pacific Ocean off Napier, firstly my nose clip broke when I went in to warm up (not good especially since I didn’t bring a spare). What to do?  I knew I had to give it a go, I got in nervous as anything and tried sticking my head under the water to swim but the pain was intense from the water going up my nose, I have trouble with that so always wear a nose clip. Found a group of slow swimmers who were encouraging someone else.  So went around with them with my head out of the water all the time (not great form). I have to acknowledge the support and encouragement I received from this group of 3 women, it was incredible, and because of them, I made it around the swim course.  

Bronwyn Frew

I was so ecstatic that I actually finished the swim that I could have stopped there, but needed to get on my bike and make my journey to Clive and back.  It was a nice ride, but my hydration did not go as planned and I didn’t take in enough fluids.  But managed to complete the 44.95 km bike leg in 2:10:12, which surprised Mark as he wasn’t ready with the camera to see me come in, so I must have cycled faster than he thought I would.

Bronwyn Frew

The run was much better than I had anticipated, due to the training up to this event (thanks Ray). I believe my running has improved and I completed the 10.3 km course in 1:18:13 with an average pace of 7:46 which for me is great, especially having just swum and cycled for the past 3 hours.

Now that I have ticked that event off my list, I am now training for Ironman 70.3 in March 2021 and believe with Coach Ray’s guidance and lots of swim lessons locally I may be able to accomplish what I deemed impossible 3 years ago.

Thanks to Qwik Kiwi Coaching for the tools and guidance that I need to strive for my goals.

– Bronnie

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