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12 Weeks to an Ironman Swim PB

This eBook is a comprehensive swim training programme that will have you swimming at your best in 12 weeks.

Have you got 12 weeks left prior to an Iron Distance race and still need to sort out your swim? This eBook contains a comprehensive periodised swim training programme to get you swimming an Iron Distance PB. 

The first three weeks focus on building a base and enhancing your technique. The next three weeks continue to build your base with longer sets. Then we start adding a touch of speed without losing your aerobic conditioning. Then over the final three weeks we taper off, but maintain the intensity so you don’t lose any race speed.

I’m in the process of transferring all my ebooks from my previous e-commerce store to this website, so for now I’m offering them for only $7. Although I believe I have tested things thoroughly, I’m doing them for only $7 (saving $20 from the normal price) just on the off chance there is some bug in the system and there is s delay in getting the ebook to you.

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