Coast to Coast Self Psych

Coast to Coast Self Psych Form

The purpose of this form, is to assist with your final mental preparation for the Coast to Coast. It will guide you through developing your race plan, as well as assisting you to plan ahead to the what if scenarios that may (but hopefully don’t) unfold for you during the Coast to Coast.

This is based on a booklet put together by Gayelene Clews for the Australian Triathlon Team. Over the years I’ve adapted it and modified it for my own purposes.

Take some time the night before, or two nights before the Coast to Coast, have the form printed out and work through it writing your answers into the spaces provided to cement or solidify your thought processes around each area. You can keep this 100% private, or you may chose to share this with your support crew and/or coach.

Here is an example that I have used for an event previously.

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