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Training Methodology

Intensity For Running

Intensity is the key to the success of your running. By training at the correct intensities, we can manipulate the physiological responses your body gets. This will generate the greatest improvement from where your running fitness currently is.

How I Dropped Over 2 Minutes OFF My 5km Time in 4 Weeks

For a number of years I’ve had a goal of running a sub-3hr marathon. Although it’s been a few years since I’ve tried seriously to prepare for and run a sub-3hr marathon, in the middle of March I sat down…

FREE Strength Training For Triathletes WEBINAR

Join this webinar to find out: Who should include strength training within their programme. How to periodise your strength training. What is involved in strength training specific for triathletes.

How Jamie Took Over 2 Minutes Off His 5km Time In Only 4 Weeks

Jamie came to me wanting to improve his running and stay injury free for ultra-running events. he has a few goals lined up in the coming 12 months.

I’ve set up a structured programme for him that is going to progress him towards his goals. Like most busy people holding down a full time job and have a family that they need to spend time with he has struggled in the past with fitting his training in and then has ended up winging it on event day.

More is better……Yeah Right

Is more training better? How much is too much? How hard is too hard? I’m feeling good so I should push myself hard today. All common questions or statements that I deal with as a coach. What are the answers…

Why Does Coach Ray Get Me To Train So Slowly?

As the goal of most people’s training is to improve, to get faster, to go further, to perform better, it is only natural that you want to push your training. To push the pace, to increase the effort to strive…

Coach Ray Interviews Jaime Stevenson Ultra Running Coach

Recently I caught up with Jaime Stevenson who coaches Ultra Runners and focuses on multiday ultra events. Jaime and I have know each other for a few years and have both been volunteers to pace participants through the Rotorua marathon…

Coach Ray Interviews Arnaud Selukov from 859 Coaching

Recently I caught up with Arnaud Selukov who runs 859 Coaching based out of France. Arnaud has a strong pedigree in long distance events having gone under 9 hours for Ironman and also winning Ultraman Australia in 2016. Awesome effort…

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