Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 17] – School Cross Country

This week I had my school cross country, this is my first year as a senior so running slightly further, for my school event we still run the same as everyone else due to a lack of space to run the extra distance. I go to a pretty small school so the age groups aren’t massive but I knew I still had others who where capable of pulling something out of the bag so couldn’t just take it easy.

The weather was looking pretty good but just before my race the weather changed and it was windy, rainy and cold. No one was super thrilled but the race was still going to go ahead, as soon as the race started I was ahead of the pack and knew that the only way to run this race was to take it out myself.

I did the race in my running shoes as some of it was on concrete and couldn’t do it with spikes, on the parts where I could have it definitely slowed me down and it was slippery and muddy.

I finished the race first and 4 minutes ahead of the second person so I was happy with that, my time was far from any personal best but with the conditions and competition I was happy with how I did and the training I have done with Ray has definitely built up my endurance and fitness as I wasn’t too tired after I finished. 

– Jessica Bray

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