Jess Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 24] – Football & Hockey

Going into the in between season just finishing cross county and before starting triathlons the only competition I have been doing is school sports such as football and hockey, both of these require high amounts of running with added skills and speeds.

With this over the years with my added training I have felt a huge change in the way I play, instead of just trying to keep my heart rate down and struggling with getting tired my endurance and fitness that I have built has allowed me to play a game with lower amounts of tiredness and fatigue.

With this I have been able to build on my skills and confidence around playing. The speed change in both games is very much start and stop with high speed sprints trying to get the ball and take it up the field, it also requires the right technique and strength to kick and hit the ball to the right place and distance. With my fitness up I have really been able to enjoy the sport more. 

– Jessica Bray

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