Jessica Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 26] – Consistency is the Key

It’s been 2 weeks back into consistent training and I can already feel myself getting back into a routine. My body is feeling much better and less fatigued after trainings, and I am starting to really enjoy being able to get out and exercise everyday.

As it is winter I have been playing football and hockey each week, these both require different levels of fitness and skills and keeps me having a variety of fitness. Sometimes these can effect the routine if my trainings as I have to adapt around them slightly, as the season comes to a end my training will start to become even more consistent.

With my training sessions I have seen a massive improvement in the way I preform and feel while playing the sports as I am not always dying for air from my higher base fitness, which has allowed me to enjoy more of the game as it’s worth. 

– Jessica Bray

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