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Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 31] – Qwik Recovery

This week has been different to usual as I wasn’t running as I had gained a foot injury the day after my recent 5km time trial. I made sure to look after it as I knew if I keep pushing through I wouldn’t heal as fast making it worse in the long run.

I went and saw a specialist and they suggested I go and see the Shoe Clinic. This is where they said the shoes I had would actually be what they would recommend for my pain but then after discussion we came to the conclusion that my current shoes are coming to the end of thier life and aren’t giving my foot the support they need. So I ended up purchasing the same type of shoe, straight away I could feel the extra support they gave me and I continued to wear them just around the house to keep my foot in a supported structure.

This worked out and after just over a week my foot is 99% recovered and I can run and train with no pain.

I am now looking forward to my upcoming training toward my next race in about 5 weeks.

This week I also had my final football related sporting event which was 5 aside, similar rules apply but in a smaller field with 5 players, this is just a fun tournament to finish off the season and lots of teams dress up for extra excitement. This year my team decided to dress up as the theme barbie. 

– Jessica Bray

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