Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 45] – Time To Get On The Bike

This week has been a week jammed full of biking and it’s been very strange, from only doing long rides with multiple runs to nothing at all, and now just cycling 6 days of this week. Being off training has made it easier as I just feel the need to do some form of exercise and sweat out some energy and biking when I got back was perfect to what I needed.

Cycling doesn’t load up my foot with impact, so it is a perfect cross training to improve strength, get some more fitness and get myself moving and back into a consistent training schedule through the week. Cycling definitely isn’t the most comfortable or exciting form of exercise as with the weather and fitting it in I have been doing the training on a stationary bike inside.

As I haven’t been training as much I seem to be coping more as I just want to get exercise but I will definitely start to feel it and want to start trying to get outside so when the weather plays along I definitely get myself on the roads with some more scenery as I haven’t been getting it from my running.

– Jessica Bray

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