Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 47] – The Why

When it comes to training for me at first I thought of it as always just wanting to be the best and keep getting better quickly, now not saying I still wouldn’t want that but over the time I have trained I have grown a larger perspective of why I train for what I do.

From the time I have had to spend away from training and inconsistent training it has affected me in the way I feel. Training and moving makes me feel like I’ve achieved something in the day I’ve got myself moving and have something to build off of in a consistent plan.

When I haven’t done any form of movement I always feel like empty or like I haven’t done anything in that day. The endorphins I get from my training keeps me wanting to just keep wanting to do more and especially on a day with a good set of training that I have hit all the zones, just seeing the improvement through consistency in something I enjoy gives me more excitement and motivation to keep going which is like a cycle but when breaking my consistency cycle through injuries and other factors it slowly starts to make it harder and harder day to day with how I feel.

Seeing how far I have come through my fitness and running specifically over the past 4 years makes me see the potential of what the future years can have.

My confidence and joy I get out of my racing just everyday running has increased by over 100%.

Running has become more natural to me and I feel welcomed to the running community around me to as well. 

– Jessica Bray

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