Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 49] – Back In The Saddle

This week feels like a milestone week that I have been waiting for. I finally got to incorporate more running into my training and the pain I was receiving from my foot has lingered out to near nothing & hoping it will continue to ease away over the next training blocks.

I was only set to do 30 minute runs at my Level II pace, and I was happy with anything if it meant I got to be running for longer than one minute intervals or nothing at all. I have been trying to do all the recovery needed surrounding my training trying to ensure maximum recovery to keep myself running long term again.

Each run kept feeling stronger and stronger as my body got more used to the impact and movement of running again, it definitely is a high impact sport and my muscles took the instant hit through the first week.

My paces seem to be a surprise and I was expecting a decrease due to not having time on my feet running but I’m guessing from the high levels of cycling I have been enduring has strengthened my legs and my pace seems to have increased and stayed strong within my zones.

Over the next weeks it will continue to increase and my body will continue to adapt back to the way it used to recover from my running and I’m excited to keep pushing to reach my full potential, especially with the way my paces are sitting.

Hoping this year can see lots of improvement and personal bests. 

– Jessica Bray

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