Steph Barker’s Amazing Run

I started with Coach Ray and Qwik Kiwi Coaching in late November 2023 with the aim of trying a different style of training to what I’d been doing in the past. I’d been following a programme from a book for my ultra events and wanted something fresh. I’ve enjoyed the variety of sessions that I’ve been completing since joining Coach Ray.

A couple of friends were training using Coach Ray’s plans and I’d seen first hand results that had been achieved. After meeting with Ray and discussing my needs it seemed like a good fit with my goals.

Price is important, however events cost money and if I’m spending money on events then I want to know I’ll be at my best for them so it’s a balance, one that is currently worth it.

He gets results, and for me doing the right training has greatly reduced the number of training hours with better results. Quality not Quantity!

Nothing would have stopped me from joining but if I’d not been seeing results I may have canceled my membership.

Ray’s coaching programme is simple, clear, efficient, good insights/knowledge, he listened to what I needed in terms of balance with my life.

Throughout the programme I got valuable insights through his regular presentations, I now commit less time training compared with previous programme (and getting amazing results), and love the inclusion of dedicated stretching sessions that have helped keep me injury free.

Since joining in late November (3 months ago) I have had amazing results.

  • 2nd fastest 5km time.
  • Fastest 10km time.
  • Fastest Buller Half marathon time.
  • Took 1 hour 50 minutes off my previous best Old Ghost Ultra (85km) time.

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