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Book of the Month February 2021 – Fast 5k

This was a Christmas present to myself and I’ve enjoyed the inspiration behind reading this. The genesis behind this book is 25 key concepts to run your best 5k.

Book of the Month September – Better Training For Distance Runners

This book is a great, in depth manual for how Peter Coe and David Martin developed elite British runners. It is written like an exercise physiology textbook, so it isn’t an easy read but it is packed full of great detail on how to structure, prepare and periodise training plans.

Book of the Month August – Going Long

The blurb states that Going Long is “the book you will return to season after season”, and that is very true, I do refer to it reasonably often when planning and preparing programmes for Ironman events.

Book of the Month July – Advanced Marathoning

Book of the Month July – Advanced Marathoning
This is the first in depth book on Marathoning that I read. It has guided my training and coaching philosophy. I’ve employed the principles found within it with a large number of my clients and training plans I’ve prepared.

Book of the Month June – Your Best Triathlon

Your Best Triathlon – Advanced Training for Serious Triathletes
Joe Friel’s writing style is easy to read and he explains training concepts concisely with examples that are easy for most triathletes to relate to.

Book of the Month July – Never, Ever Give Up?: A memoir

Being a junior triathlete in NZ in the 90’s I grew up racing against and being inspired by the likes of John Hellemans. I attended training camps that he ran, and this book gives a great insight into his life and challenges during that time as well as before and after.

Book of the Month June – Open Water Swimming

This is the go to bible for anyone who swims open water whether triathlete or ocean/lake swimming events. So good is this book that I’ve got two copies on my bookshelf.

Book of the Month May – The Triathlete’s Training Bible

This book is a staple on my bookshelf and I’ve owned all editions buying my first one back in the day whilst I was at University. It is full of plenty of theory and methodology about how to periodise training plans and gives real time examples of programmes and how to structure them for individuals.

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