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Book of the Month September – Better Training For Distance Runners

Martin, David E.; Coe, Peter N. (1991) Better Training for Distance Runners Human Kinetics

This book is a great, in depth manual for how Peter Coe and David Martin developed elite British runners. It is written like an exercise physiology textbook, so it isn’t an easy read but it is packed full of great detail on how to structure, prepare and periodise training plans.

Better Training for Distance Runners provides a prescription for success for today`s competitive distance runners and their coaches. The book combines recent research, sound training principles, and proven program strategies to improve performance in events ranging from the 800-meters to the marathon.

Runners and coaches will find it easy to apply the book`s cutting-edge information about running physiology and biomechanics. They`ll receive straightforward advice for conditioning and competing in the whole range of distance events. The book also covers many popular topics in running, including how to:

  • accurately assess running fitness,
  • gauge training intensity,
  • adjust training loads to achieve peak readiness for competition,
  • determine the most effective racing strategy for each event, and
  • stay healthy throughout a running career.

Authors Dr. David Martin and Peter Coe are the perfect team for translating lab findings to the road and running track. As one of the world`s foremost researchers on running, Martin regularly tests elite runners to identify their best strategies for staying healthy and improving fitness. Peter Coe, father and coach of 800- and 1000-meter world record holder Sebastian Coe, has long been regarded as a master of devising training plans that allow athletes to reach peak fitness when it counts most. Together, Martin and Coe present the most comprehensive and useful resource on the art and science of distance running—the formula that has produced many national championship, Olympic medal, and world record performances.

Better Training for Distance Runners builds upon the success of the first edition by providing loads of new information, such as the effects of altitude training and glycerin loading, the health problems experienced by women runners who may be too thin, and the best strategies for running road races and the steeplechase. It’s an essential guide and a great read for serious distance runners and coaches who desire to excel in future seasons and events.

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