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Lisa’s Journey, Week 40: My 40th (Week), Feels Like I Should Have Cake & A Party…

40 weeks, 280 days, approximately nine months since starting this blog and journey. I can’t say this blog gets any easier to write, but the journey does somewhat. My only hope is someone reads it and if they haven’t started their journey that they do. You… do!!

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Tri Season is approaching Fast!

It’s March, which means in the UK we are one month away from the start of the tri season. This winter training block has really gone quick and it’s crazy to think that winter training is coming to an end!

Ali’s Adventure – The female athlete

This is not a sob story post, or an icky post. More of a ‘understand your own physiology’ post. As a woman trying to train to the best of my ability, it has been important to learn a few things about how my body is affected by monthly hormone changes (more so now I’m into the 40+ category) and how that in turn affects how and when I can train, and the adaptations I have to make during the different phases. In addition to that, I have recently learnt about nutrition and the female body, and how vital this can really be week to week.

Ultrahumps: Swim Across Lake Taupo

The last event of the Erin Baker Award is the Swim Across Lake Taupo before one continues to the Cameron Brown Award, the difference is the addition of Ironman NZ. So in summary for the 5 events I completed the Taupo Half Marathon in August, the Around Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge in November, the Kinloch Triathlon in February, and now the Across Lake Taupo Swim also in February. This has all been on top of the 3 events that made up the Iron Maori / Port of Tauranga Legend Series. So how did the Swim Across Lake Taupo go…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 39: Heat, Hill Reps & Healing…

Ray threw a couple of new workouts in there for me this week – the old hill reps. I’d have to say though, I wasn’t overly enjoying the first session much. Once my heart and leg muscles warmed up after…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Green, Green, Green

This week I’ve really been on a high, absolutely smashed this week and am really proud of myself how its gone! My long bike on the Sunday was great, it was the first bike ride I’ve done outside for about 5 months and I did the full 3 hour session. I completed this ride with a friend which always helps. The session was more a social ride for me rather than keeping to strict power/speed etc. To be honest my main goal for this session was to keep my bum on the saddle of a bike for 3 hours!

Ali’s Adventure – Endurance on LCHF

When I was down in Wanaka in January, I picked up a nasty stomach bug. About a week of stomach cramps and not being able to eat anything more exciting than melon and scrambled eggs. Since then I have really struggled to eat anything that resembles carbohydrates, and this is a problem as I am a Vogels and Pics Peanut butter girl as pre-training fuel.

UltraHumps Journey Heads To Across Lake Taupo Swim

After completing the Kinloch (Erin Baker) Triathlon, I had to get ready for the 4th event out of 5 for the Cameron Brown Award a couple of weeks later, being the Across Lake Taupo Swim. This is approximately a 4 km Swim, which starts in Acacia Bay and you swim across Lake Taupo finishing at 3 Mile Bay. Pretty straight forward, well…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 38: Ray to the Rescue!

This week was much the same as the last… you know, I go for my ride and if I remember, I get a photo for the blog, it’s enjoyable to be out as I like biking more than running. But have found myself fantasising about running, while I’m biking. I guess it’s because I can’t!

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Success week and posture analysis!

I’m currently doing a sports massage course and I’m learning a lot about muscles, joints, posture etc. The course tutors are brilliant and their knowledge is unreal! I’ve never really paid that much attention to the way I swim/bike/run and I’ve took more notice in the results, paces speed etc.

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