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Friday Fartlek Run: Sweat Elite’s 10k Predictor A

Running 2km reps are long enough to tap into endurance and also short enough to tax your VO2 Max, but it can also be a great way of predicting your 10km pace. This is a perfect session for runners and triathletes running events between 5km & 10km.

Tuesday Training Plan: 8 week Spin Fitness Training Plan

This is a great training plan to build your cycling fitness over 8 weeks. Whether you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, Zwift or Peloton user or wanting to use a spin bike for general fitness.

Thursday Training Plan – Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

When you complete the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, you will have accomplished something very special. Whether completing it for the first time or going for your Personal Best.
Designed for beginner and intermediate triathletes who are looking to complete the Lake Taupo for the first time or faster than pervious, these plans will help you achieve your goals.

Thursday Training Plan – 20 Week Auckland Marathon & Half Marathon Plans

With the Auckland Marathon and Half Marathon confirming their dates with the move to Level I, that leaves you 20 weeks of training (starting Monday 15th June to get ready.
As part of the package I’ve got got beginner and intermediate training plans available for both the half and full marathon. As part of the package you get access to my fortnightly coaching call and get a great training plan that I personally guarantee will help you achieve your goal. Whether that is to finish the event or to run it faster.

Thursday Training Plan: 28 Day Covid-19 Lock Down Challenge

With COVID-19 ensuring events get cancelled and we live in a new world where we are limited with what we can do. Here in New Zealand we are allowed to exercise in our local neighbourhood. I’ve set myself two goals over the coming weeks to improve my 5km time and also my FTP.

COVID-19 🦠 Training Options

With the lockdown and restrictions in place around the world due to COVID-19 or Corona Virus, swimming pools have been closed and restrictions on movement outside have come into place in most western countries. Further frustrations for endurance athletes have come with the cancelations of events all over the world. Training plans have been thrown into turmoil. As frustrating as it is that you can’t continue to train for the event that was your goal and we don’t know when the crisis will be over enough for events to recommence.

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