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How Mark Got Ironman Success

I met Ray 13 years ago as a young soldier when he was the Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for my unit in the Army. Over the first few years, I had a good insight into his training style and used his training programmes to run my first marathons in my late teens/the early 20s.

When I started to look for a coach for finishing an Ironman I looked up Ray as I had already experienced his coaching and training style. We started with a phone consult where we discussed what my goals were, how he ran his training for an event like this, and what coaching package would best suit what I wanted to achieve. I went with Team Qwik Kiwi. Ray understands the needs of life and can tailor your training around your individual needs. I work shift work on an 8-day week so my training was written to suit this. As it is a long process to train for an Ironman Ray uploaded my training week by week and tailored it to suit changes in my roster, fatigue levels, or if I had any injuries/or niggles. My intention was to do it once, but I decided to carry on training for another year to complete Ironman twice along with a number of other events along the way including the Taupo 70.3 Half Ironman in 2017 and 2018.

Some highlights achieved as a result of the training include:

  • 3rd place overall 2018 Tauhara Trail Half Marathon
  • Achieved Sports Waikato’s Erin Baker and Cameron Brown Awards twice
  • 2018 Ironman NZ 10:39 (1:04 / 5:34 / 3:54)
  • 2019 Ironman NZ 10:29 (1:03 / 5:50 / 3:29)
  • Achieved an Ironman All-World Athlete (AWA) Bronze rating for 2019 following 2018 results.

Throughout the last few years, Ray has always been approachable and put in a lot of time and effort each week to keep my and his other athletes’ training updated. I wouldn’t have achieved the results I have without Ray and would recommend him as a coach to anyone looking to achieve their sporting goals.

– Mark Doohan (Taupo)

If like Mark you have got a big goal you need assistance to complete, apply to join Team Qwik Kiwi.

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