Top 10 Run Workouts of 2023

The most popular workouts on my website over 2023, were predominantly published before 2023. Only two articles were published this year (Double Neha’s Fartlek – which is an extension of a workout that was published in 2019; and Paul Huddle & Roch Frey’s Secret Ironman Run Workout for World Domination), and others were publish as far back as 2015 (Carpenter’s Perfect 20-Minute Workout) the year I first started publishing these workouts to make it easy for my athletes to follow along with. Since then I’ve published over 400 run workouts as part of my popular Friday Fartlek Run series, where each Friday I post a different run workout (Friday Fartlek is used as it makes a great alliteration, rather than sticking strictly to the traditional western interpretation of ‘fartlek‘).

If you would like to download the Top 10 Run Workouts as Garmin (.FIT) – both pace and power – or Zwift (.ZWO) – when suitable for running on Zwift, there is a link at the base of the article.

Double Neha’s Fartlek – Spending time running at VO2 Max intensity will help develop your ability to run longer at this intensity. This is a perfect session for runners and triathletes running events up to 10km in distance.

Kenyan Fartlek – The training in Iten, Kenya is considered world-class for a number of reasons. The altitude is one of them, athletes from around the world flock here to train with other elite and sub-elite runners in the environment here. This week’s session has been inspired by the running in Iten, Kenya. This is a great workout for someone training for a half to a full marathon (whether part of an Ironman or 70.3).

4-3-2-1 VO2 Max – This session is a great way to increase your VO2 max. By repeatedly running at high intensity within this workout you will become a fitter, faster runner.

8km of Fun – This session is a great way to enhance your 10km speed.

Paul Huddle & Roch Frey’s Secret Ironman Run Workout for World Domination – Your VO2 max is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilise during exercise. If you increase your VO2 max, any run below that level is therefore easier (in theory). Spending time training at VO2 Max intensity will generate performance enhancements for runners of all distances but this session is claimed by Paul Huddle and Roch Frey as a cutting edge workout used by a athletes that have led to multiple wins at Kona.

10x 400m – This is a hard VO2 Max workout that develops your ability to sustain your top-end speed. This training session is perfect for all runners, as well as triathletes.

Matt LeGrand’s 10x 500m Track Session – 400m or quarters is a great distance to run intervals to improve your VO2 max. Doing 500m reps this forces you to push just that little bit further. This is a perfect session for runners and triathletes running events up to and over the full Marathon in distance.

Lisa’s 1km Reps – 1 kilometre reps are a simple workout that can help both novices and elites. This session is great for half marathon runners, especially triathletes aiming for an Ironman 70.3.

Carpenter’s Perfect 20-Minute Workout – This session is a great session to sharpen you up to run a fast 5km or 10km race. Although it can be done at any time it is perfectly placed 4-6 weeks prior to your event.

Gerschler Fartlek – This is a great session that will develop speed, lifting your pace at VO2 Max. Speed work is an important training session for all runners, as well as triathletes, to make you faster.

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