Lisa’s Journey Week 6: Roll, roll, roll your legs…

Foam rollers. They seem like a harmless pieces of equipment to help ease muscle tightness, but don’t be fooled! These things are nothing short of pure evil in disguise!! Over a year ago – that’s how long ago I brought mine. I popped it safely under the bed,and there it has stayed, until the start of last week.

Looking back towards Kaikoura Seal Colony

My achilles had been feeling really tight, so it was time. I’d done my run and while waiting on dinner, (lucky I was starving, as the hunger was the only thing taking my mind off the pain) I decided I needed to roll these tight muscles. Good lord! I hardly had my legs on the thing and it was hurting.  I pushed it to one side and tried just one leg at a time, as this reduced the pressure. I have to say it did loosen them, but at a painful cost and I’m sorry the IT bands were not even getting a look in. I may have to take something to do those!!

Explains itself really…

I also tried a bit of yoga off YouTube.  It was actually quite good. I did a 15 minute relaxation bedtime one. Then went to bed and listened to the next video which was some meditation music.  The lady did speak at the start and set you up to relax, which I did, then simple music played and before I knew it, I was out.  That was up until the video neared the end some time later and the lovely lady spoke and scared the shit out of me!! I started another video only for the husband to then come to bed and turn my volume up for a joke! Hah, hah, very funny!!

So all the while I’m relaxing I’m laying on my bed of nails.  If you know or work with me, I’ve probably preached to you about the Shakti Mat  Also pure evil. So these little mats are covered in thousands of little spiky disks. My friend had brought herself one years ago. I vaguely remember trying it out and I’m not sure why now, but I suddenly needed/wanted one. Slightly impulsive maybe, I ordered one a couple of months back – the ‘original’ black mat (there’s light, original and advanced), and within days it arrived at work. Excited to get it out and share, it attacked me the first time I touched it (note to self: handle with care). I did wonder how you were ever meant to lay on it. This time I did read the instructions first, (wise move) and used it in bed, as there’s give under you, not like being on the hard floor.

I positioned it and carefully sat at the end wearing a top, (for beginners, so it’s not as ‘prickly’) and gently laid back.  Nope sit up, try again.  Nope move down, try to adjust while on it and I felt like I’d just lost some skin (I did check for bleeding).  Once on it, you start to adjust to the pressure of the thousands of spikes stabbing into your back and it starts to get your circulation cranking and warms you up. Great if you’re cold. And then you forget about the spikes and really start to relax. I often fall asleep on it, but you soon remember when you go to turn over! I’m already a fan of acupuncture so this just follows on from that. Boy did I sleep well after using it! Nine odd hours one night.  I woke to my alarm and I can’t remember doing that since having children, ten plus years ago. I can now lay on it without a top.  You’ve just got to let your body get used to it, like anything really. I also put it under my legs after a run, while sitting on the couch, as it helps relax tense muscles, aids recovery from muscular injury, not to mention it’s great for circulation and overall well being! The acupressure ring also feels awesome! So since I’ve talked it up so well (haha), don’t let me have all the fun! Try it out for yourself.    C’mon I dare yah!!

Run done! Glowing pink! Stretching!

Oh yeah and the whole reason I write these things – the running.  This part is going fine. Still pounding the pavements. Got myself a Qwik Kiwi running cap, a nice lightweight hat.  I always get pretty hot running, but it was great. And thanks for throwing a beanie in too Ray. I’m sure it’ll come in handy on those cold winter days!! But today (Friday 29 June), was definitely not a beanie wearing day! It was a stunning day. I decided to go somewhere different, mix it up, change the scenery, and basically try and trick my brain into thinking we’re not actually doing what we’re doing. Pleased I did.  The sea was so calm,and it was just a gorgeous day to be out. So off I went with, my mind on the prize…. a nice massage afterwards…!!

I knew my legs muscles were tight after my encounter with the foam roller at the start of the week.  I knew I was in for it, but nothing could have prepared me. I arrived at Symonde’s, who works from home now. I was excited as who doesn’t love a good massage.

Well, she found those knots and she untied those nasty little suckers. I don’t think I screamed out loud as such. I did raise my voice mid sentence,and my face did not stay in the wee hole in the bed the whole time. However, true to her word, I noticed a huge difference when I got off the table.  My hips were freer and I felt I could take a decent stride! Symonde is beautiful inside and out and I will return, because she’s real, relaxed and works magic!!! Who knew what the number ‘4 position’ meant.  I certainly didn’t, but I certainly do now.

Even though this week sounds like a week of torture, it’s been good beneficial torture. And I shall keep on torturing myself, because it’s a kind of pain that only lasts a short time! And if it helps avoid injury and keeps me running, then that is what I shall do!

So if you’ve been putting off having that massage, treat yourself. Because quite frankly you deserve it!!!!


PS: Late again, with handing in my homework (sorry Ray)…

I always judge myself, because on the scale of things, I always feel there’s people out there achieving way greater goals. So mine seem rather insignificant, but I did my best run tonight. And quite frankly I was super proud of myself.


– Lisa Harris

Lisa will be writing weekly as she continues her journey to achieving her goal of completing the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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Lisa has worked hard over the last four weeks building her training sessions up from a walk with a bit of running…through to running with a bit of walk and now 4km of non-stop running following the programme below.



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