UltraHumps: BLOG #6 – Inspiration Comes In Many Forms From Many Locations

Well team, we’re getting closer to the greatest endurance test of my life of about 515 kms of swimming, cycling and running over 3 days with time cut-offs along the way in the Queensland heat.  The inspiration I receive with the ‘likes’ and ‘messages’ of support on the UltraHumps Facebook Page designed by my Coach Ray Boardman of Qwik Kiwi are great and keep me motivated.  The training keeps me on my toes and keeps me honest, particularly as I glance at my watch and realise that Ironman New Zealand is simply a month away (5 March) and a good test for me.

Injury – the injury to my left calf which I received on Boxing Day and aggravated again in January has pretty much subsided or healed, however I know enough to train with particular caution when running.  This week I had a 10 km Time Trial at the start of the week which I completed as a mixture of power-walking and jogging coming through relatively unscathed.  Tuesday night I had an hour run planned by Coach Ray, so I power-walked for 1 km then started the 1 hour run as a slow jog and managed to run 9 km’s in the hour.  On Wednesday night was what is known as a ‘Brick’ session where I cycle for an hour and 20 minutes and run for 40 minutes to complete a two hour session.  No power-walk was required as I went straight from the bike to the run and managed 6 km’s in the 40 minutes with no problems.  For those that know Whitemans Valley in Upper Hutt, I tackle that from the Silverstream end on my bike. That Blue Mountains Hill Road gives the heart, lungs and definitely the legs a good workout, particularly if you continue through to Maoribank over the hills.  So just to make sure, on Thursday, Physio Nikki from the Capital Medical Centre gave me another session of acupuncture and said she will see me in two weeks for confirmation on how my calf is strengthening.

Give-A-Little – The Give-A-Little Fundraising Page has come to a glitch with getting a the bank account, so I hope to get that sorted as a priority ASAP.

Music – I read a book from Aaron Fleming Called ‘Purpose’ which is an excellent read and talks of his journey of being a promising Gymnast with the hope of representing New Zealand at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.  His journey was shattered due to a reoccurring collapsed lung which required major surgery.  Aaron found himself addicted to pain-killers and was told by doctors that he will never be able to have a life that involved any physical exertion.  He turned a page proving the doctors wrong and completed Ironman New Zealand and represented New Zealand at Ironman USA Lake Placid.  He made the Olympics by being selected as New Zealand’s Ambassador to carry the Olympic Torch for the 2008 Beijing Olympics on the Canberra leg.  The book is one that you can’t put down once you start reading it.  I picked up that he found songs as his inspiration such as Believe – Cher.  So since my event is over 3 days I am seeking 4 songs, one for each day and one overall.  I have my thoughts on a song that I have chosen for one of the days.  I have asked my daughter to choose a song and are open to anyone who has a suggestion for a song for another day, so feel free to make suggestions on the UltraHumps Facebook Page.  I feel really privileged that Bob Davies (my Regimental Sergeant Major from when I was serving in Singapore) has asked Alan Watt (whom I also served with in Singapore and is a musician in his own right) to write and publish a song for me for my overall event song.  Thank you Bob and Alan, that means a lot to me.

Take care team and keep the on-line support coming as it means a lot to me also.

Regards Humps!

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