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Transforming Tash: A week of Success

Wow, what a week! At the start of the week I was having a pity party about how I felt like my training wasn’t making any progress. It continued to be hard, tiring, draining. Didn’t matter what mood, time of day, how good my eating had been, the workout was still hard. I moaned to anyone who would listen (sorry people!!).

Then someone suggested looking at the data.  I then realised that I was actually pushing myself hard because my distance was getting further and the pace was increasing. Yay for progress!! Then came the moment when I managed to run 30 minutes without walking. Man that was an incredible feeling. Felt like it wasn’t all for nothing and gains were starting to happen.

Another gain is that my daughter has started asking if she can train with me. While this can be a drag at times, especially when she isn’t really in the mood to train, it’s motivating to see her put in the effort to achieve things!

We went swimming this week and Charlotte managed to swim 50m without stopping.  When she finished she gave me a hug and said,  “You make me want to try”.  Talk about bring a tear to my eye. This is worth it. Regardless whether or not I get any physical gains, if I can help my child (ideally children) to lead a healthy life all the pain and heartache with horrible training is worth it.

This weekend Charli and i participated in the Piako triathlon. It was Charlotte’s second Tri and my first. Crazy to believe that I signed up for IronMaori never actually having done a tri before. What if I hated it?? Thankfully I didn’t!!

I came out of the pool 5th to last, which didn’t bother me at all. I have this fear of being last, but being that close to last I didn’t mind. I was just happy I didn’t drown haha. I made up a few places on the cycle leg. But then came the run. I wasn’t prepared for how the legs don’t quite work as well after cycling. I felt like I only just got them warmed up and working when it was all over! Was such a great, small event. There were only 50 adults who took part in it, so there wasn’t massive crowds which was nice.

So all in all this week was a high. I wonder now what next week will bring!!!

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