Best of the Internet for Endurance Athletes: 10 April 2016

Each Sunday I’ll post my ‘best of’ list in a number of categories from the inter-webs. Other weeks can be found here.

GODZone Adventure Race

The worlds biggest and best adventure race, held right here in Gods Own. Competitors have been going non-stop since midday last Saturday as they make their way around course through the amazing wilderness of the Tasman region.

Team SwordFox negotiate the notorious ‘Horse Rapid’ near Murchison.

Team Yealand’s Family Estate tackle Takaka Hill.

Absolute Wilderness provide a welcoming hot meal at D’Urville Hut at the top end of Lake Rotoroa.

Ritchie McCaw & Team Cure Kids complete GODZone.

Technology/Equipment Blogs

Latest from Garmin and cheaper power options.

Training/Racing Blogs

How to improve your bike handling skills for cycling.


Nutrition Blogs

The Gout: what you need to know and 7 things you can do about it.

All you need to know about Gout from Mikki Williden.


Who will win this years Paris Roubaix

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