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BLOG # 15 – Walking And Running For Another Charitable Cause ‘Relay For Life – Cancer Society New Zealand’

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Dawn breaking over the Wellington Harbour as UltraHumps finishes his 2nd leg for Relay for Life supporting the Cancer Society

Hello blog followers.

Well it is certainly getting close to my greatest challenge of all, Ultraman Australia, a 3 day event covering 515 kms of swimming, cycling and running in the year that I turn 50.  What a way to celebrate and all in the name of charity.

As I glance at my watch I realise I fly out in a month this weekend (10 May 2016) to Noosa, Queensland, Australia for an event that will take place over the period 14-16 May 2016.

My charitable cause is for the ‘Fallen’ KIWI = Killed, Injured, Wounded and Ill of the New Zealand Defence Force.  My Give-A-Little page is set up https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help4ultrahumps and 100% of the donations will go to the cause.  The primary focus is to raise awareness and support for the ‘Fallen – KIWI’.  All donations received as part of this awareness will go to the cause.

UltraMan Coaching
Warrant Officer of the New Zealand Defence Force, Warrant Officer Class One Danny Broughton with UltraHumps

Last week I assisted ‘Off-Limits’ at a refuelling point during their Tussock Busters event of motorcross around the Waiouru Army Training Area.  I was with Derrick McMillan who is one of my support crew for Ultraman Australia.  It was an opportunity to give something back, as ‘Off-Limits’ supports many causes.  Coach Ray Boardman from Qwik Kiwi Endurance Sports Consultants has incorporated some of the weekend’s Ultraman Australia training  amongst the Relay For Life Charity Event, supporting the Cancer Society.   On Saturday after my Ultraman Australia training (long bike and short run), I headed to the charity and completed a 4 hour walk.  Sunday morning was a 2 hour run, followed by a 2 hour walk with the other participants (3 legs to clock up the kms).

The Relay for Life was great.  The first lap is always a ‘victory’ lap for those that have survived cancer and their supporters, family and close friends.  This was amazing to observe, then I jumped out on the track and started my 4 hour walk from about 4:30 to 8:30 pm.  After this I wandered and took in the event observing the photos displayed on the large electronic billboard of those that lost their lives to cancer and soaked up the atmosphere.

I had a short sleep then got up at 3 am to start my 2 hour run at 4:15 am.  After a half hour break to have a quick breakfast I was back on the track for another 2 hour walk.  In total I covered almost 56 kms for the cause.

My amazement was how the schools got involved and how much they took to the charitable cause.  People of all shapes and sizes, from pre-school age to youth through to the elderly.

A special thanks to Rob McCullough who realised that after 20 kms I probably needed some nutrition from the supporters tent and shoved a couple of McDonalds burgers in my hand as I went past.  Not the ideal food, as no doubt my Coach Ray will roll his eyes back, but it refuelled me until I finished that leg.  I’ll be back for Relay for Life next year!

Ironman Training NZ
Lieutenant Colonel Rob McCullough during UltraHump’s 3rd leg of the Relay for Life supporting the Cancer Society

I have realised that I am drawn to charitable events to help those that need a hand. I guess that’s my nature, but I certainly enjoy giving something to charitable causes.

Regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

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